San Francisco, here I come!

My first business trip EVER! and it’s to San Francisco where I’ll be training curators. It will be the first 4Cats Art Studio in the States. Woo Hoo! and my bosses’ are giving… Continue reading

Dia de los Muertos

My first time conducting a workshop for Public Dreams. Here are pictures of the shrine examples I made. I had lots of fun! and I hope the participants did too! I love making… Continue reading

Cat Cafe

Things I stumble on when mindlessly surfing the internet and clicking on link after link. Click here to read more about Tokyo Cat Cafes. Too bad, there’s too much regulations for this to… Continue reading

Happy Spooky Halloween!

Some of the projects I’ve developed have come to life with the help of the fantastic 4Cats Art Studio team! Woo Hoo!

Hello October!

What happened to September? Sick and busy. Not a good combo. News flash: – Moved to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Bye South Hill. – Teaching shrine building workshops Oct 17, 24 (Sunday) from… Continue reading

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Stealing the subject line from C. The Bad Mitten crew reunited with some special guests to temporarily exchange our badminton raquets for guns. I can see how people can be trigger happy. However,… Continue reading

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Get a cup of tea or beverage of your choice, sit back and watch. Things I will remember from this fantastic speech. Never lose the child-like wonder Brick walls are there for a… Continue reading


Scars unintentionally mark a time in your life. You tend to remember how and when you got it. I’m always curious when I notice scars on people. I want to ask them what’s… Continue reading

Metal Keys

Lately, I’ve been accumulating a lot of new keys. Work keys, house sitting keys, studio keys and bike lock key.  Currently, I am in possession of 12 keys. I only had one metal… Continue reading

Up in the Air

I agree with M and S, if I was ever fired I would want to be fired by the character George Clooney plays. Feeling down about where you are, watch Up in the… Continue reading