You got to find what you love.

I don’t remember the commencement speech at my university graduation.  It’s not that they were bad speeches or anything (at least I don’t think)- I was just very jaded with school and life… Continue reading

Master Class

I enjoy going over to my parent’s house because they don’t have internet so it gets me away from the computer….but they have cable…so I spend  hours on the couch. This time around… Continue reading

Kimi and the Kiwis

I posted about them a couple of months ago and K put the music up on youtube. Here’s a taste of some of the music from their brillant album.

Good ideas are not hard to find.

“Finding an entrepreneur who can execute a good idea is a different matter entirely. One needs a person who can take an idea from proposal to reality, work long hours, build a team,… Continue reading

Speed bumps

Listened to an excellent age of persuasion podcast titled “Caution: Speed Bumps. The Magical Ingredient in Marketing” Click here to listen. Sometimes life seems to speeding past me and I want to hit… Continue reading

Hoppy Chinese New Year!

I wish you all peace and properity! Love Theresa Oy! next year, I think I might invest in a laser cutter.

Happy 2011!

I actually stayed up 2 hours past my normal sleeping time! Rang in the new year with a new friend, a late afternoon at the movies to watch King’s Speech (btw excellent movie),… Continue reading

I wish this was my story.

A facebook feed from A.A.  that I want to share cause it made me smile. N told me a good story today. He said C spoke to a Whittier neighbor and asked “What… Continue reading

Cut! Cut! Cut!

After a bit of a hiatus from my chinatown studio, I’m BAACCKKKKK!!!! It’s nice to be making stuff that’s not for work. I’m  not complaining about my job cause I quite enjoy it… Continue reading

Goodbye sun! Hello snow!

I arrived in Vancouver to be greeted by snow:) Outside my apartment window in Vancouver. Here are my adventures and misadventures in San Francisco. Most of the photos did not turn out because… Continue reading