One thing I completely forgot to mention in the ‘socks and water’ post was appreciations. At the end of each day of the puppetry workshop, we would gather around in a circle. First… Continue reading

Books, books and more books.

3 books from the library The Art of Up – Pixar The Art of Finding Nemo – Pixar The Art of the Puppet by Bil Baird 1 book borrowed from a  friend American… Continue reading

Like star on earth (Taare Zameen Par)

Went to the library last Friday, was having an odd slash bad day. Decided to go home and be hermit but with a movie to watch. Came across this Indian movie called ‘Like… Continue reading

Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

Still haven’t invested in a laser cutter and my snail mail list has grown more.  I enjoyed listening to Kevin Smith interview Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer podcast as I hand cut dragons… Continue reading

Socks and Water!

This year started off with a bloody brilliant 16 days with a fantastic bunch of people at the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive presented by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop. Didn’t really know what… Continue reading

Busy, busy, busy…

Lots of stuff happening this summer. Lots of plans, lots of projects, lots of get togethers, and lots of unexpected traveling for work. I think this will be one of my busiest summers… Continue reading

eek! mice!

Made some mice out of polymer clay and placed them in the hallway of my apartment building.

Home Sweet Home

I participated in a pretty fun art installation project called Home Sweet Home at the Clutch. “Home sweet home is an installation show in which each audience member has the opportunity to personalize… Continue reading

Commencement speeches

I’ve been watching more lately. Here’s another one that stands out. Amy Poehler at Harvard.

Aal Izz Well

Yesterday, I went over to my parent’s house expecting to see my niece but apparently she’s coming over tomorrow instead. So surprise, surprise I watched television. ‘3 idiots‘ was showing on channel m.… Continue reading