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Sigur Ros

If you’re an art student you probably heard of them. My roommate introduced their music to me. Their show is sold out in Vancouver:( Just a little fun video I came across. I… Continue reading

A Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business

Is an excellent book to read.  I’m impressed with this book because it doesn’t just use examples from advertising world. The O.J. Simpson trial was used as a great example about the importance… Continue reading


I love claymation especially anything wallace and gromit. Click here for some good claymation shorts for Animal Planet. My favourite is the penguin and the lightbulb.

Ha! This has to put a smile on your face!

Something about Britian’s Got Talent mixed in with some Michael Jackson. 

Website updated


After taking a course called The Children’s Theatre: Production Process, I’ve renewed my love for theatre. Currently, I have a brief stint volunteering at Open Eye Figure Theatre–Welcome guest, handout pamphlets for upcoming… Continue reading

I was going to let this blog die

but I’ve decided to let it live on. Here’s a website you should check out. Ze Frank, I want to be your friend. YoungMeOldMe is my favourite. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer… Continue reading

Pictures, pictures.

Our last class at Aesthetic Appartatus

The last class blog…

awwwhhh… To Everyone in my form-making class, You all are amazingly talented. We churned some great ideas and discussions. Wish you all the best. On another note, I’m in the latest edition of… Continue reading

Are you a meatarian?

This radio podcast might interest you. Click here Definitely Not the Opera is another CBC radio show that I love to listen to. Definitely Not the Opera is created by a dedicated and… Continue reading