Throwing away your yearbooks

I’m making a public vow on the internet that I will not be making anymore frivolous purchases. I have a mental picture in my mind of all the crap that I have that I will refer to when I’m very tempted to buy something.  The family house has been sold and yesterday, I started packing my stuff that I left behind. Honestly, I didn’t think I left that much stuff there but I was very very very very wrong. I threw out 4 bags of garbage, 1 bag of recycling and 1 bag of donations. I still have about 1 car load of stuff left at the house. Good grief…

I started recycling away all my bus tickets, temple admission tickets and other travel stuff that I was planning to put into scrapbooks but never got around to it and I don’t have any desire to do it now. I’m debating about throwing out my yearbooks. I told one of my friend’s I’m considering throwing them out. She suggested that I should hold on to them. I haven’t looked at it since high school graduation nor do I want to to revisit those years. They weren’t horrible years or anything, it was all very uneventful, I was a different person. Maybe I’ll scan some pages as my friend suggested but I’m 99% convinced the physical books will be chucked.

What are your thoughts? Do you still have yours?