One thing I completely forgot to mention in the ‘socks and water’ post was appreciations. At the end of each day of the puppetry workshop, we would gather around in a circle. First we would conduct housekeeping business (ie. announcements of planned lunches, missing or found items etc…) and then came the appreciations. You didn’t have to say an appreciation out loud everyday but if someone did something kind to you – you would say something in the lines as “I appreciate (insert name)  for showing me how to create joints for my puppets”  or “I appreciate (insert name) for helping me find my missing notebook.” It was nice to hear people appreciate others and taking the time to acknowledge people’s kindness. It was a great way to end the day. We also did a really great chant or song at the end. I left feeling great!

I’ve decided to pick this up again and my appreciation will be sent via snail mail. Lately, I’ve been getting lovely unexpected gifts and letters in my mailbox. I’ve decided to keep my Saturdays relatively computer free (just check my emails in the morning and that’s it). The rest of the day will be me, my art supplies and my old school batman address book.

This appreciation won’t be via snail mail but to everyone that has read and/or commented and/or liked something in my blog. Thank you and I appreciate you very much!