Books, books and more books.

3 books from the library
The Art of Up – Pixar
The Art of Finding Nemo – Pixar
The Art of the Puppet by Bil Baird

1 book borrowed from a  friend
American Gods by Neil Gaiman

2 books I purchased from Book Warehouse’s closing out sale
M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman
Street Gang | The Complete History of Sesame Street by Micheal Davis

All have been started but none finished yet. I like M is for Magic because it’s bunch of short stories that I can finish reading one story and feel accomplished.

One book I finished last month was called Flash of Genius: And Other True Stories of Invention by John Seabrook. It’s a bunch of short stories about Invention.

On the back cover of the book

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

In “Flash of Genius,” John Seabrook explores the moment when inspiration strikes in an otherwise average life, and what happens when that idea moves out into the larger culture and takes on a life–and commercial possibilities–of its own. The title piece in this collection is the David v. Goliath story of Bob Kearns, a professor and inventor who came up with something we all use every chance we get: the intermittent windshield wiper. When Kearns” patents were infringed, he fought General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, and eventually prevailed in a classic American story of never giving up, never backing down.

Seabrook has been fascinated by stories of invention and entrepreneurship since childhood, when he grew up with an uncle who invented something as ubiquitous as Bob Kearns” wipers: boil-in-bag vegetables. In “Flash of Genius,” Seabrook also writes about his family”s invention and about thirteen other iconoclastic visions that turned into the stuff of every day.

It’s a fascinating read. Some stories are better than the others. I quite enjoyed the fruit detective.