Aal Izz Well

Yesterday, I went over to my parent’s house expecting to see my niece but apparently she’s coming over tomorrow instead. So surprise, surprise I watched television. ‘3 idiots‘ was showing on channel m.

When I was in India this movie was big. I judged the movie by it’s cover and thought  it was going to be some stupid gross out college movie like American pie. However, all the people I asked in India said it was a really good movie and I should see it, so I did.

This was a nice treat to watch it with english subtitles as the first time I watched it the majority was in hindi. I could figure out the gist of the storyline but the subtitles added so much more depth and laughter. I finally realized ‘Aal Izz Well’ is actually ‘All is well’ This reflects Rancho’s belief that we should focus on the present and not be overly concerned about the future.

This is a charming movie about 3 engineering students who discover a path of self discovery. I’m a sucker for feel good movies especially ones that aren’t on the side of overly cheezy.

The movie covers several social issues. One is suicide. India has the highest suicide rate within student communities. It explores the pressures put on children by parents, teachers and peers. How free thinking is no longer encouraged in school. This movie examines the flaws in the education system where individuals who memorize textbooks are rewarded while those who try to be visionary are punished.

One of the best lines in the movie is ‘Choose excellence and success will follow’ and it’s true.