I wish this was my story.

A facebook feed from A.A.  that I want to share cause it made me smile.

N told me a good story today. He said C spoke to a Whittier neighbor and asked “What is unique about living next to an art school?” The neighbour responded “One Halloween our pumpkins were stolen. The pumpkins were returned – carved.”

Speaking of pumpkins, my roommate told me about her pumpkin carving competition at work. Programmers are a creative bunch of people. I wish had photos. They had an hour to crave their pumpkins. Her team, molded a mummy out of the insides of the pumpkin, used toothpicks to join the body parts and then they used pumpkin peelings to wrap the mummy. Then they made a pumpkin coffin and had him come out. Another team turned their pumpkin in to a zoetrope (a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures). Placed it on a broken swirvel chair and put a light in it so that the images would shine on the walls all around the room. So creative! it’s awesome.