San Francisco, here I come!

My first business trip EVER! and it’s to San Francisco where I’ll be training curators. It will be the first 4Cats Art Studio in the States. Woo Hoo! and my bosses’ are giving me a couple of days to explore the sights and sounds of San Francisco. So here are the places I plan to visit so far (in no particular order) Golden Gate Park, California Academy of Science, SF Moma, Exploratorium, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Chronicle Book Store, Pirate Store (Valencia 826) . Do you have any suggestions? Mangh, so much to see. Can’t wait!

On other news, D got us tickets to see Dr. Egg and the Man with no ear at the CULTCH yesterday. Thank you D! I loved the show. Excellent storytelling, acting and visuals. The puppets are amazing!  It’s framed like a fairy tale with unambigious consequences. The play questions genetic muta­tion and cloning. Today is the last day.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to check out Hero & Heroine / Audible at the Cultch before I head off to San Fran.