Hello October!

What happened to September? Sick and busy. Not a good combo.

News flash:
– Moved to the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Bye South Hill.
– Teaching shrine building workshops Oct 17, 24 (Sunday) from 12 -6pm for Public Dreams (141-2050 Scotia Street). Parade of Lost Souls is Oct 30 (Saturday) More info at http://publicdreams.org/event/parade_of_lost_souls/
– Revamping my website. www.rarehornlessunicorn.com
– Developing new art projects for my work. I’m super excited to do projects on Calder!!! He loved the circus and so do I.
– Almost half way through my circus classes. Sucks last Monday, I pulled some muscles in my arm and I had to sit out when they were doing trapeze:( Boo. I was tempted to say screw my muscles and try the trapeze but I’m grateful that I didn’t because I would be in great pain the next day.

That’s it for now. I hope to have some visuals next time.