Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Stealing the subject line from C. The Bad Mitten crew reunited with some special guests to temporarily exchange our badminton raquets for guns. I can see how people can be trigger happy. However, I’ll only ever touch a loaded gun in a controlled environment or if my life depended on it. So what do you eat before going to shoot your first gun? Apparently for us it would be japanese food. After our dinner, we headed off to DVC indoor shooting range. I choose the 22 Long Rifle but I should have listened to A and not done that. It really was like shooting a BB gun (or at least what I imagine it would be like shooting a BB gun because the only guns I’ve shot are laser and water until now). In the end, I tried the 9MM and that had a lot more pow to it. Not as much pow as the guy who was next to us shooting a shot gun. The shot gun holes were huge in the target. Just imagining those bullets going through an animal or human body makes me shutter. Will I do this again? Perhaps. It was only worth it because it was Ladies’ Night where the day card fee ($30) is covered for the female clientele. I found the staff nice and the dog big and friendly. Ammo ranges from $9 and up. It all depends on your gun choice.

Next adventure Circus school:) Starting September 20.