Scars unintentionally mark a time in your life. You tend to remember how and when you got it.

I’m always curious when I notice scars on people. I want to ask them what’s the story behind your scar. How did you get it? I have three scars. How I got them isn’t very epic but more me being accident prone in 3 different continents. T thinks I should make up grandiose stories about my scars. I want to tell people that that scar on my left leg was from running away from a rabid dog and then cutting my leg as I jumped a wall with shards of glass on top or the scar on my left arm was from fighting off a wild beast in the woods.

Truth be told, here are the real stories. My first scar was back in 1998, two friends and I went hiking up Grouse Grind. Being cheap and one friend slightly afraid of the gondola ride back, we decided we were going to hike down the Baden Powell Trail. However, we got lost and ended up going down a very very very steep part of the mountain. As I was running down, I stepped on a tree branch that shot straight up and ended up scraping the back of my right leg.

Second scar was back in 2007, my friend and I were at Harrod’s department store in London. I rested my arm on the side of the escalator rail. Half way up my arm slipped in between the wall and rail, thus dragging my arm all the way up to the second floor.

The lastest scar happened in 2009 in Chennai. As my friend and I were walking through the side streets to go to class, I slipped and fell on the concrete because I was trying to avoid a big puddle. This is the only scar that I actually had treated because the gash was pretty deep.

Do you have any scars? What’s your story?

One of the most famous scars is Harry Potter’s lightning bolt. That’s a pretty epic scar to have. However, I don’t know if I want to be marked by an evil curse. Then there’s Scarface, I think I can do without the gangster life.

What other famous scars are there?