Trout Lake is better

but it was interesting to see what the Illuminares would be like inside. What happened to those ginormous balloons that changed colours when you hit it:(. The community wall of lanterns and the squid attacking the submarine were impressive but I didn’t realize it until I actually attended the day of the lantern festival what it lacked. I miss seeing people set up their own illuminares display, the fresh air, open space, the smell of bbq, people sitting on blankets, the lanterns on the lake & in the trees, being able to see the sunset and the fire show. I hope it moves outside again but perhaps for budget and other issues it won’t. I can see the advantages of having it indoors. You don’t have to worry about the weather, they can set up days in advance, no port-o-potties, you can see the glow of the lanterns earlier and more interactive pieces. However, there is something more whimsical when it’s outdoors.

This year the reincarnated fish lantern survived! I made a baby fish for my friend. But… my fish did get poked in the eye a couple of times by little kids but they were gently ones.

Not the best photos of my lantern but I can’t find my recharger for my camera. These were taken at the tangible interaction booth at Illuminares.