Kimi and the Kiwis are fantastic, awesome, brillant, excellent….

Best new band EVER!

Kimi and the Kiwis, you all are AMAZING!!! I hope you all are very proud. I’ve been listening to your album non-stop for the last 4 hours.

My former co-worker K formed an amazing band at my old work (Boys and the Girls Club). K, I hope you know you’ve done a super fantastic job. The band members range from 8 to 15 years old. They wrote, sang and played their instruments on this album. It’s very professional. She wanted them to experience all aspects of making an album from learning to play their instruments to writing their own songs. Mission accomplished.

K, you are inspiring! I’m glad I could be part of this project by designing the CD booklet. These projects are always so satisfying. The sense of accomplishment is unbelievable.

ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!!!!!! I hope you put all the music on iTunes. The world needs to hear the music of Kimi and the Kiwis!