More Creativity and Education

Ever since I finished school, I’ve been more and more interested in the ways people learn. I’ve had my good and bad times at school. The classes that I loved the most were ones that engaged me, gave me room to experiment, conversations instead of lectures, and let me work at my own pace.

Here are some people and places that are helping to break from the traditional form of teaching.

The Tinkering School offers an exploratory curriculum designed to help kids – ages 8 to 17 – learn how to build things. By providing a collaborative environment in which to explore basic and advanced building techniques and principles, we strive to create a school where we all learn by fooling around. All activities are hands-on, supervised, and at least partly improvisational.

Grand schemes, wild ideas, crazy notions, and intuitive leaps of imagination are, of course, encouraged and fertilized.

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Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover.

1. Use Multimedia
2. Encourage student intuition
3. Ask the shortest question you can.
4. Let students build the problem.
5. Be less helpful.

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