Foundation Show

J had to go to Emily Carr to pick up her transcripts so I decided to tag along with her. We checked out the Foundation Show. The show is when first year Emily Carr students show off a piece they created during their foundation year. It’s been 5 years since my foundation year. I really loved foundation because I took so many diverse courses but once I declared my major in Communication Design that all ended.  Some of the projects I created in my foundation year were pretty out of the box for me and some were incredibly pretentious. Here are some of my “what in the world was I thinking” category. For my film class, I created a 5 minute short of me eating an apple (core and stem), my intention for this short was suppose to be about how we should not waste food and eat everything. However, that message was mixed with religious connotations (Eve eating the forbidden fruit), sexuality (the fact that I was an asian girl eating an apple) and there was something else but I don’t remember the comment. Next artsy project, I drew a fetus with fake blood on a maxi pad and placed it in a glided frame. The meaning was about appreciating the menstrual cycle because it gives women the ability to produce life. Then I did a performance piece with two of my classmates where we used sock puppets, black cloth, recordings of political leaders and flashlights. Good grief. Even though these projects were in the “What the hell was I thinking” category. I’m glad I did them because I did have a lot of fun doing them. I miss the naive feeling I had when I tackled those projects.