Upwards and Onwards

I am not a resolution breaker this year. A new leaf has been turned (sorry, to disturb you Mr. Ladybug. I didn’t see you there) No more saying I’m going to do it. I just do it (sometimes with a gentle nudge or massive push from friends.) I’m telling those negative voices in my head to shut up.

I’ve found a job that I adore. It’s renewed my love for art and has pushed me out of my ‘I can’t do that’ mentality. This job is constantly evolving and changing. These changes result from continuous reflection on work in progress. There is always something new to learn.

After 2 years of saying I’m going to buy a bicycle. I finally did. Thanks M and S for helping me find that bicycle. Now, I just need to get over my fear of automobiles.

I was part of an Art Card show a couple of weeks ago and it was a surreal experience. People were asking me to autograph my card art for them. It was nice to know my art card was being sought after.

I’ve signed my lease for my open studio in Chinatown and I’ll be moving my art supplies in on April 1. Yah! I’m super excited about that!

To top things off. My niece was born yesterday at 12:19am. How sweet is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me. Happy Birthday A!