Replenishing Social Capital

Whenever I can, I enjoy giving back to the community.  Investing time, energy and resources in a community makes me a healthier person. I build relationships and connections when I volunteer.  I’ve met some pretty awesome people that I probably might never have come across had I just stayed in my own little world.

Here’s collective joy that I agree with. It doesn’t have to take gazillions dollars to have that same feeling that the Olympics temporarily bought. It’s a group of extraordinary people coming together because they care about the same thing and want to work on it together.

The most valuable thing you can give someone is your time. I’m not opposed to giving money to a charity. Gawd knows, non-profits are hurting a lot but there is something to be said about giving your time. You are needed and you become connected to the cause more.

Look at ways to contribute some social capital. Here are some organizations, I’ve been very lucky to be a part of. Maybe one of these might spark some interest in you.

Science World
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver
Public Dream Society
Vancouver Fringe
Vancouver Film Festival
Habitat for Humanity
The Vancouver Art Gallery

You matter. Your time is needed and your health will Thank you for it.