Collective Joy

“A group of people coming together and creating something larger than themselves.”
What does this mean? The Olympics were here and I can’t deny the excitement that swept over Vancouver. Almost over night the No Fun City has become a Cosmopolitan City. The energy is infectious. However…

Like some of my fellow friends, I voted against the Olympics a couple of years ago. I wish the plebiscite had a bunch of categories that I could have voted for or against.  I would have voted Yes to inspiring people to join a sport, the athletes, collective joy, and improved infrastructures.  I would have voted No against the IOC’s & VANOC’s excessive spending habits. Millions and millions of dollars spent on just security. The Olympic Village that was suppose to convert some of the units to social housing was completely abandoned in the end due to the cost becoming prohibitive. Imagine what Habitat for Humanity could have done with that money.  It’s like a bride and groom going into debt for a wedding. I’m all for big fancy weddings– if one can afford it. The Vancouver wedding is one that we didn’t have spare money to pay for. Vancouver, you should have signed a pre-nup because the Olympics has taken you for all you have.