A couple of weeks ago I watched Kamp (part of the PuSh festival). I meant to write about this sooner to get people to go and see it.  However, it sold out and now the run is over.

Kamp ” is set within the confines of Auschwitz, the actors deal with anguish and persecution in the most sympathetic and quiet manner. Their manipulation of the hand-crafted puppet prisoners and executioners is handles with incredible intensity, respect, and tenderness.”  Click here to read more.

So why did I pay to see a story so terrible? I knew the ending wasn’t going to be happily ever after.  I visited a concentration camp in Germany when I was twenty.  I didn’t understand and couldn’t relate to the magnitude and horrors of  the Holocaust. The Holocaust was never really covered in my highschool education (or if it was– sadly, I didn’t pay much attention). So when I visited the site, I felt hollow inside. I knew I should have felt sad but I didn’t. After that experience, I decided to educate myself about Auschwitz and genocide in general.  I went to see this play in particular because it was a different way of presenting the Holocaust. I’ve read books and watched movies but there is something about theatre that envokes stronger emotions out of me. Possibly because I’m sharing this experience with the other members of the audience and the live element (real time). With no words spoken in this play, the sound was potent. Especially when one of the Nazi puppets was beating a prisoner. The sound of the hitting was amplified by the microphone on stage. It was about 2 minutes of intense pounding. I suspended disbelief for that moment and imagined the actual terror in the camp.

Holocaust acts as a warning against Facism and Totalitarian. This event happened over 72 years ago and we still haven’t learned our lesson. Scary thing is this isn’t the first time a genocide has happened. Between the 1490s and 1890’s, there was a mass genocide of Native Americans, Indigenous and Aboriginal population. World genocide is still happening today. We have to be aware of how we treat each other. Machines didn’t create this horror. This was all done by humans.