Jet Lag 9 Theresa 0

My arch nemesis Jet Lag has captured the Slumber Fairy. Damn you (I shake my fist of fury!). I thought I defeated you last Saturday but I was wrong. Good grief. I can’t sleep until 7 in the morning. All my plans have been foiled. Drinking caffeine during the day has just given me an unhappy stomach, planning my morning outings have been spoiled by the lack of energy since I probably fell asleep only 1 hour before and low level lighting at night might work on hamsters but not me. Temporarily, I’ve given up trying to sleep at night. You may have won this round Mr. Lag but I’ll get the last laugh zzz’s. I’ve turned myself into a productive night owl for now.

There are some upsides of my desynchronosis (It just means jet lag. Sometimes I want to sound all fancy and expand my vocabulary). I’ve been listening to some interesting radio stories in the wee hours.

One was about the Coffin Academy. For $25 in South Korea, you can write your epitaphs and play dead for 10 minutes in a coffin. Click here to read more.

A story that deserves to be shared is about the World’s only flying eye hospital.

“ORBIS International, a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to blindness prevention in developing countries, stands out from other charities in several respects. Our world renowned Flying Eye Hospital, numerous endorsements from heads of states, highly educated and experienced volunteer medical staff, and our focus on long-term sustainability place ORBIS International in a class of its own.”

What I love about this organization is that it creates a sustainable infrastructure. They teach local doctors the necessary skills to cure blinding diseases. The interior of a DC-10 jet has been transformed into a fully equipped mobile teaching hospital. Click here to learn more.