Mirror Mirror.

I went to the Hong Kong Science Museum. The top floors were meh. It wasn’t until I went downstairs where I found the exhibits engaging. The bottom floor reminded me of Science World at Telus World of Science. I figure it’s a prerequisite for all science centers to have a puzzle station and a bunch of hands on exhibits.
My favourite exhibit was The World of Mirrors. I enjoy illusions so this was up my alley. It’s a pretty simple exhibit when you break it down. It consisted of a combination of ordinary plane mirrors “set up and aligned in special ways to give unusual reflections.” Some of the highlights were the Mirror maze, Vanishing body, and total reversal.

I like the World of Mirrors because the audience become part of the exhibit. No photoshop done on the vanishing body picture above. You can probably build one at home using the formula of multiple reflections. This may sound complicated but it’s not.