Time Travel

I’ll be leaving in the wee hours of Jan 12 and arriving in the evening of Jan 11. I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong. Mostly due to the amazing generousity and hospitality of Auntie G and Uncle E.

Hong Kong is an odd place. It’s a mix of east and west. Which isn’t very surprising considering it was under British rule until the hand over to the People’s Republic of China. I didn’t explore Hong Kong as much as I should have. I was little overwhelmed with the pace of life in Hong Kong. Over 7 million and counting. Crowding is an understatement. Also, I think I needed a little time to recoup from my travel to India. Most of my time was spent visiting family, eating, shopping and some sightseeing.

Hong Kong is consumerism at its best and I partook in this capitalist economy. I am not a big shopper as I rather spend my money on traveling and art supplies. However, I made an exception because clothes fit me nicely here unlike shopping in North America. I bought more clothes in 2 days than I have in 5 years (that’s not really saying much considering I buy only one to three new pieces of clothes a year and the rest are hand me downs ).  I couldn’t really avoid stepping into a mall as one is attached to almost all the MTR stations.

One of the best things in is the “Octopus rechargeable contactless stored value smart card used to transfer electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong.” I wish a system like that could work in Vancouver but we just don’t have the numbers compared to the 7+ million population in Hong Kong.

I would recommend the cable car ride (Ngong Ping 360). Thanks J for taking me. The Victoria Peak view would have been nice had it not be so foggy on the day I went up.

The next time I’m in Hong Kong, I’ll do some of the hiking trails and visit some of the islands. Hong Kong has some beautiful natural landscapes when it’s not being destroyed to make more room for highrises.