Nanri/Shukria India. (Thank you India)

My journey in India ended on New Years Day. D and I left India 5 minutes past midnight.  As we flew over Delhi, it was fun to see all the fireworks exploding all over the landscape celebrating the new year. India is an amazing but exhausting experience.

D and I arrived in India on Dec 10 at 1am. After a harrowing taxi ride through the streets of Chennai, we arrived at our hotel at 3am to be told that our room was not ready. However, they set up two cots for us in the Bristol Lounge (aka the bar). Weclome to India.

Some highlights included visiting Tara Books, screenprinting at Mr. A’s, food party in S’s room at the Taj hotel, delicious 6 to 8 course lunches at our studio, locals inviting us into their homes and then dressing us up in Rasjasthan clothing, shoe shopping in Jaipur, masala chai, food at Saravaana Bhavan (funny thing is that there is one in Vancouver), hand painted signs and buses, cows everywhere, crossing the chaotic streets and my trip to the doctor’s clinic (I took a bit of a stumble on the streets and scrapped my knee. Now, I have a scar on my left knee to remind me of India).

Some lowlights included some pretty condescending guides (however A and I will always have an insider joke about D), being stranded for hours and hours in the middle of nowhere because a local politician got arrested and his followers blocked the road to get to Agra and touristy eating spots.

Another thing I love about India are the humourous public service signs in English.
“He who litters opens the gates of Hell”
“It is better to be late 15 minutes in this world than to be early 15 minutes in the next”
“You may not be superstitious, but believe in traffic signs”

I’ll miss the smiles, food and vibrant colours. I’ll be back one day.