The Miss Piggy Chronicles.

Yum Cha Overload. The last time I was in Hong Kong was when I was 4  so as expected I have a lot of relatives to meet and greet. That part of it I enjoy but the amount of food I have been consuming  has impregnated me with a Yum Cha baby.  Sitting next to Aunties guarantees that my plate and bowl become a bottomless pit of food. Food would be constantly placed infront of me regardless of if I’m full or not. Now, I remember why I was such a chubby kid. So porky that I was given the nickname Miss Piggy by all the relatives. They still all remember that nickname. I’m off to India tomorrow night. It’ll be a nice break from the Yum Cha. Looking forward to some dosa, dhai vadda, idil sambar and medu vadda.