Goodbye Fraserview!

I finished another chapter in my life. I didn’t think I would stay that long or love the job as much as I have. I decided to leave on an incredibly happy note. I know if I stay longer, I might not enjoy the job as much as I do now. It’s time for some new adventures.
I started off as an arts and crafts volunteer and my first days I sort of (okay, I did) let the kids walk  all over me. First lesson I learned is you want kids to like you but you shouldn’t let them know you want them to like you. If you give kids an inch, they will take a mile.
I quickly recovered from that mistake and several more.  Over the years, I’ve let go of my inhibitions working with children. I’m acting as goofy as ever and it feels great. I would break out in spontaneous dance moves with the kids. For the longest time, I would be way too intimated to dance because I’m rhythmically challenged. Most kids didn’t care if I danced like Ginger Rogers or Elaine from Seinfeld. What they cared about was that I was spending time with them. Kids make you live in the present.

This job has taught me so much about compassion, tolerance, patience, perspective, enthusiasm, reflection, humour, confidence, creativity, community and resilience.

Thank you to everyone at the Fraserview Boys and Girls Club. You’ll never know how much you have enriched my life. I’m walking away a stronger, wiser and better person.