Last week I was hopped up on happy caffeine molecules.  According to the board game IQ 2000, the colour of a caffeine molecule is white but I digress.

My first website design for a client is almost done.  I pulled an almost all nighter (The slumber fairy refuses to let me operate with no sleep at all. Once 4am hits, Zs dust is thrown in my face.) I overhauled my original design and I’m glad I did.  I’m happy to report my client thinks the layout is Terrific (and that is with a capital T). Thank you D for the chinese name translation. Thank you T for helping me through the recoding. Good grief. Will Technology and I ever become BFF? Technology is pointing its finger and laughing at me. I take that as a No. Take a gander at my dreamweaver skillz at

I executed my first adult Paper Engineering workshop for some lovely staff and volunteers at Science World. My templates were a bit confusing so I need to fix them up before I post them on my website. Overall, I think we all had fun. A big thank you and plate of granola bars to all who attended.

Festive Tree done. Check out the Fraserview Boys and Girls Club decorated tree on the second floor of Pacific Centre Mall, Downtown. It will be up for 6 weeks. All the decorations were hand made by the children. I think our tree is the best (and so does all the voices in my head). Who could hate a tree with a cyclopes penguin, holiday ferret and other classics on it? We had an awesome popcorn garland but we were told that we couldn’t have perishables on the tree. Boo!  It took the kids and my co-worker a long time to string it up. Oh, well we’ll use it for the club christmas tree. I had to make a dash to Dressew to buy some red ribbon for garland instead.

(first pic – popcorn garland in all its glory before we were told to remove it.  second pic – post popcorn garland. last pic – cyclopes penguin)

Stop Motion Animation Domination viewing party was…wait for it…superfantastico. Some technical hiccups. I told the computer to take a spoonful of vinegar and that seemed to do the trick.  All was fixed. A forty plus audience and one lonely ghost came to see the shorts done by the kids in the Animation program. Three months of making, shooting, editing and a computer crash. Super Duper job to all the animators! You get my thumbs, toes and elbows up.

CD and DVD covers I designed for the animation program.

Attended my last Bad Mitten session of 2009 at Richmond Pro and I had a smashing time. The only birdie poop of the day was I forgot my shorts at home so I had to play in my jeans. J suggested I go pantless. I didn’t have the nicest pair of knickers on but more importantly, I didn’t want to be banned from Richmond Pro. So, that option was tossed into the reject pile along side the banana juicer. Thanks to everyone that helped improve my game.  One of my greatest accomplishments is being able to sweep up the birdie with my racket. Yes, I live a very simple existence.

I happily ended the week with the Gastronomical Holiday Gorging Fest with great friends, great food and great times. The elastic waisted pants were whipped out for the season of holiday overeating. N, you have out done yourself with the delicious main course & dessert and thanks for hosting the event:) We burnt off the pesky calories with some Wii sports, yoga and DDR (that’s Dance Dance Revolution for the those out of the hula hoop) and ended the night with an intense (sometimes inappropriate) game of taboo.

No rest yet. The checklist is half done.