Genesis and Catastrophe

I was listening to the radio when I came across an interview with Robert J Sawyer, author of the book FlashForward (now, translated to TV). Flashforward is a science fiction story about an event where everyone in the world passes out for 2 minutes and gets a glimpse of themselves 21 years in the future. The story line that intrigued me the most was about a couple that was about to have their first child. They flashforward to see that their child grows up to be a vicious criminal. How does the couple reconcile that with the excitement they are feeling in the present? What would you do if you knew your child was going to do horrible things?

This concept reminded me of a short story called Genesis and Catastrophe (true story) by Roald Dahl. The only difference is that these parents don’t know that their child will grow up to do some of the most horrific acts in history. Google Genesis and Catastrophe and you’ll be able to download a pdf of the story. It will only take 10 minutes to read. It will be worth your time. Roald Dahl is up there on my favourite authors list. He is the master of the unpredictable and his writing is addictive.

A note of interest, my friend blogged about Flash Fiction (not related to FlashForward). Click here to read her article. It’s a great idea to get the creative writing juices following. I’m excited about tomorrow as I already have my next story ready to post. Feel free to join in too!