Thought Experiments.

Finished reading Embracing the Wide Sky by Daniel Tammet. A captivating look into a remarkable mind with austistc savant syndrome. “Embracing the Wide Sky combines meticulous scientific research with Tammet’s detailed description of how his mind works to demonstrate the immense potential within us all.” The difference between the savant mind and nonsavant mind isn’t as different as you may think but “the results of a highly rich and complex associative form of thinking and imagination. Autistic thought, he argues is an extreme variation of a kind that we all do, from daydreaming to the use of puns and metaphors.”

The following paragraphs captured my attention about how to improve our minds. They are located at the End of Chapter 8: Food for thought (p 220)

“Use your imagination as much as possible, especially in “thought experiments” that force you to think about the consequences of something being true. Take, for example, the urban myth of alligators in New York’s sewers… Consider for a moment the consequences of this actually being true. As one official noted wryly, if those alligators really did exist, sewage workers’ unions would be demanding a pay increase to compensate for the extra risk involved in their work.

Perhaps most important, treat each new piece of information you read or watch or hear as a potential piece in a puzzle, rather than simply an end in itself. Acquiring information is not the same as learning, or thinking, or living for that matter. Bits of information are what we use to build reflections, evaluations, and understanding in our minds. Like each one of us, these dots of data make most sense when they contribute to something greater than themselves.”