One down…two more to go…

My Soft Product Design class is officially over as of Monday. This class was fantastic.  I maded tons and tons of mistakes but I learned a lot. My seam ripper and I became BFF for this class.  It was a nightmarish sewing weekend which entailed three broken sewing needles and the eventually breakdown of my sewing machine. Luckily a wonderful friend dropped off her sewing machine for me to borrow. Big thank you!!!

Here’s what my room looked like as I finished sewing my laptop bag.

Here’s my cardboard prototype (wished I shot a better photograph) which I broke apart to make pattern pieces.

Here is the final sewn laptop. I sewed a demo fabric bag in between cardboard and final product which won’t be posted cause the photos are not very nice.

This bag is targeted to the casual laptop user. For someone that wants to take the laptop to a coffee shop, library, etc… This bag is not intended for people that have a heavy load to carry. However, this bag does have room for all the main essentials.

Front of bag/ Suspension Straps.



Side waist pocket for small quick access items such as mobile, mp3 players, bus pass, id, loose change.

Dual sliders for quick and easy access to the organizational pocket for pen slots, zippered and opened pockets for wallets, small notebooks, etc…


Padded mesh back for breathability and padded bottom for shock absorption

This is a side loading laptop bag.
The padded laptop sleeve is removable. It is held in place with a compression strap and side release buckle.
There is enough room for a laptop up to 15.4″, notebooks, magazines and computer cables/adapters.




Hidden suspension strap for those that want extra support when wearing the bag.



Helpful comments on my final presentation to improve my design.
Put handles on the removable laptop sleeve.
Curve the sides of the bag so the zipper opens a bit more easily.

Overall, I am extremely proud of this bag. I loved this class because it was hands on. Our teacher was calm and relaxing. I liked how she said we don’t get penalized for making mistakes but we do get penalized for not trying. My classmates were supportive and fun. There were many impressive bags sewned from courier to outdoor. A lot of thought and money was put into everyone’s bag. I didn’t realize that outdoor fabric cost so much. I used cordura and it cost me 32 dollars a meter.