fraserview says.

I had to design an anti bullying banner for the Fraserview Boys and Girls club for the pink t-shirt wrap up party. So the boss wanted the banner to have “Fraserview says” and then have all the kids write anti-bullying messages around it. Here’s the banner before kids wrote their messages. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera to document the banner after the kids wrote their messages on it.

With acrylic paint, I painted graffiti lettering. The kids and staff loved it.

Anti-bullying banner

Anti-bullying banner

On another note, I know it’s for a good cause but the pink t-shirts weren’t very well designed.


Too much stuff on the t-shirt that the message of anti-bullying gets lost. I would have just but in big bold letters “BULLYING STOPS HERE” and put all the sponsors at the back.
One my former co-workers told me about an anti bullying t-shirt that just read “BE THE CHANGE”