Figuring out what I’m doing after I graduate.

One more semster and I’m done with school. At least for a while.
I had the same feeling a couple of years ago when I graduated college. I ended up working as a merchandiser, freelance window displayer and wedding set up gopher. Once I saved up a decent amount of money, I  packed my bags and went traveling. After I came back I wandered for a year with a bunch of temp jobs before I decided I wanted to go back to school. Now this journey is almost over.

I want to do something that involves community, creativity, storytelling and sharing for my final grad project. One of my biggest inspirations is I discovered so much. Sir Ken Robinson is an inspirational speakers. I’ve posted his speech a couple of months ago on this blog.

This is just one of the organizations he works about bringing more holistic approaches to education.
Hometown Baghdad
is an online web series about life in Baghdad. It tells the stories of three young Iraqis struggling to survive during the war.

Lately, I’ve been researching a bunch of projects that deal with public involvement such as
Post a Secret

Speed Dating for Art Collaboration
The Bubble Project
Yellow Arrow
Coudal Meat Swap
Community Art Grid
Open Eye’s Driveway Tour

I’m starting to get excited and scared for my final semster but I’m more excited than anything else.