Kids say the darnest things

and I love them for that!

Today, I was in the arts and crafts room making play doh food with two kids. One of the girls was telling me stories about how her grandfather was a ghost who carried a chainsaw around and how he liked to eat cupcakes. I asked her what kind of cupcakes he liked to eat.  She said he liked blueberry cupcakes. I asked her how he could eat cupcakes if he’s transparent. She said they were blueberry GHOST cupcakes. I asked her how do blueberry GHOST cupcakes taste like.  She said they taste like dragons eating Hello Kitty. I asked her to explain what dragons eating Hello Kitty tasted like. She said like monsters eating Hello chilli.
(by the way, I did ask about the chainsaw but that’s a whole new conversation that went on for 30 minutes. I decided to share with you a shorter story just as amusing)

Overhead in a park a couple of years ago between two kids. “You’re crazy like underwear!”

I heart nonsense =)