After taking a course called The Children’s Theatre: Production Process, I’ve renewed my love for theatre. Currently, I have a brief stint volunteering at Open Eye Figure Theatre–Welcome guest, handout pamphlets for upcoming shows and scooping free ice cream out after the Driveway puppet show. If you’re in Minneapolis and looking for something to do Friday and Saturdays until July 26. Come on down and check the shows out it doors up at 7, puppet show at 7:30, lemonade and ice cream at 8 mixed in with live music. All details can be found here It’s loads of fun and the puppets are amazing.

Here’s a ted talk from Julie Taymor and it sums up eloquently why I love theatre so much.

The beauty of theatre is its empherma quality. Theatre tends to use the most minimal things to express it and let’s the audience fill in the blank. For example, tears coming down a person faces is expressed with long white silks being pulled from the eyes. The beauty of being able to see something and know it is something more or something bigger.