If I was back in Vancouver, I would participate in this.
It’s not what you think or maybe it is.
I received this email from my school back home.
SPEED DATING FOR ARTISTS: A Collaborative Project

When: Thursday, March 20, 2008
Where: Western Front at 8:00pm!

SFU Visual Arts presents “Speed dating for Artists: A Collaborative
Project”. Do not be misled! We would like to encourage a more active
discourse between the existing art schools in Vancouver. This is not a
“dating service”- but rather an event to expose students to potential
collaborative artistic relationships that extend beyond our
institutions. On the evening of March 20th, 2008, participants are
invited to attend “Speed Dating for Artists: A collaborative Project”
at the Western Front Gallery at 8:00pm. The art community is small
enough that this event will enable more students in the future to
recognize each other on the street and at art events.

To make the event less daunting, we would encourage students to
have a small write up that describes their current interests and choice
of mediums so that we can share our artistic interests and practice
with others. Feel free to bring photos and/or sketches. The “speed
dating” element of the evening will be similar to musical chairs.
Participants will have five minutes to share their work and artistic
interests before being signaled to get up and move to the next seat.
During these meetings, artist, students and curators are encouraged to
make connections for future collaborations. There will be a “Sweets
& Treats” buffet that will consist of a candy bar, root-beer floats
and the like. And for the more sophisticated students there will be
sushi and wine also available. And of course, there will be an awesome
music selection. After the official “meet & greet”, participants
have an opportunity to eat, drink, mingle and chat with potential
collaborators. The goal is to inspire each other to engage in new
projects. Projects resulting from these collaborations will be
showcased and auctioned during a second evening of meeting.