I love magic and illusions

Except I’m quite terrible at it. My friend and I stumbled across this artist in London. His name is Zadok Ben David. He is best known for his work using slights of hands and eyes. The piece that I saw was called Black Field.

The installation consists of over 3000 acid etched stainless steel miniatures, cut to resemble illustrations from 18th and 19th century herbal and botanical manuals which Ben David has collected and chosen specifically for this project. Each flowering plant has been given a unified size, painted black and placed upright. Viewed individually, the pieces appear to be both, a shadow, and a shadow of a shadow, superimposed against an immaculate white ground. Yet, seen as a whole, as the title indicates, the installation emerges as a ghostly horizon, metaphorically suggesting a burial field, ravaged by plague, pestilence or war. (http://www.halesgallery.com/exhibitions/ex_07_bendavid.php#)

Why is Ben David one of my favourite artist it’s because of the simplicity in his art but the concept is so well thought out. The sense of discovery, wonder and awe that make his installations so engaging.


Yet, again with any other installations, pictures never do it justice. To see this in person is absolutely spellbounding.