This might be cheesy but it works (at least for me)

I started working with kids a couple of years ago at the Boys and Girls Club (unfortunately, I had to leave this job to go to Minneapolis). So far, it’s been my favourite job ever. Getting paid to create stuff out of pipe cleaners, tin cans, goggle eyes, left over fabrics, baguette bags etc… Some kids I noticed were always frustrated that their piece wasn’t like the sample piece I created for them. They wanted theirs to look exactly the same and they would get frustrated if it didn’t. I wanted to loosen them up and have fun cause honestly, the kid’s creations always outshined mine. I came across this children’s book in the library but unfortunately, I forgot the name of the book but I copied this section out of it.


It’s OK to try something new.
It’s OK to make mistakes. You will learn a lot from them.
It’s OK to take risks.
It’s OK to take your time.
It’s OK to find your own pace.
It’s OK to try it your way.
It’s OK to fail. You can always try again free of fear.
It’s OK to look foolish.
It’s OK to be different.
It’s OK to experiment (in safety)
It’s OK to question the “shoulds”
It’s special to be you.
It is necessary to make a mess which you are willing to clean up.
The act of creation is often messy.

It’s nice to have reassurance once in a while as a child and as an adult. I think as an adult (at least for me), I can get so wrapped up worrying if I’m doing something “right” that any joy or imagination in creating is gone. So what if you didn’t get it right the first time, just try it again. It’s not the end of the world.